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ShareFest is a multi-denominational organization that brings together people from different backgrounds to perform acts of kindness in the community.  ShareFest began in Little Rock, Arkansas and has spread one good deed at time around the globe.  "ShareFest Milford" began in 2007 when five congregations came together with over 400 volunteers to serve through projects for the Milford Schools, Miami Township Parks, City of Milford and at the homes of individual residents.  All of these projects were completed at no cost to the recipients.  These acts were done with a pride in community and the belief that we are called to be the hands and feet of the Lord.  Hundreds of free lunches were distributed, tons of free clothing and household goods were given away to those that needed it the most, and a collection was taken and several hundred dollars raised to help with the various causes of Milford Miami Ministries.

From 2008 through 2014, the story was one of growth.  The five original churches were joined by a dozen more congregations. This allowed ShareFest to partner with more organizations and complete even more projects in the community.  Numerous county social organizations were invited to share their information with those who needed it the most.  Additional money was raised to assist in the good deeds of Milford Miami Ministries (MMM), a blood drive was held, more cars washed, and over 600 free lunches distributed to the Village visitors. Because of the spirit of the hundreds of volunteers, you could feel the Lord’s presence.

This year, ShareFest 2015 takes place Thursday, June 25th through Saturday, June 27th. We invite you to look through our website, submit possible projects, find out more about this year's projects to get involved and to help us reach our goal of 100% participation from all Milford and Miami Township religious organizations.  The purpose of ShareFest is to mobilize the body of Christ in Milford to let Christ’s light shine in our community.  Please join us in showing what can happen when all churches unite in a day committed to showing the unlimited blessings of God’s love.